Got Skills?  Use them to make a difference!

Got Skills?  Use them to make a difference!



Who does not like a good party?  Of course, our kids love them.  Each resident is able to celebrate their special day at a birthday party for residents with recent birthdays. Often these parties are sponsored/hosted by outside groups or organizations. Also, at Christmas groups can host a party for our residents.  These events can range from gift giving, games or activities, outings, meals, and we have even had groups come caroling!  Party on!


Each month we send out a newsletter to churches, organizations, and individuals on our mailing list.  We currently send out around 2,700 newsletters a month. That is a lot of stuffing, sealing, and labeling envelopes!  Typically our newsletter workday is at the end of the month.  call the office to find out our next workday if you are interested in helping.

Visiting Resource

Some of our residents do not have family that are able to take them off campus for visits.  In these instances, we rely on visiting resource families or individuals. A visiting resource can visit a resident on campus, take them for short off campus outings, or welcome them into their home for overnight or extended visits (i.e. holidays or school breaks).  Contact Dale Cannon if you are interested in becoming a visiting resource.



From construction to landscaping, sorting donations to hosting a party, there is always an opportunity to help out at Our Home.  If you are interested in getting involved, Fill out this form and we will get in touch with you soon!  

Everyone who volunteers on campus must fill out a liability Waiver and Confidentiality form.  You can download the form below and fax it to 704 788-3722 or bring it the day you arrive to volunteer.

 Want to help out but not sure how?

Keep reading to find out about the different ways you can play an active part in making Our Home a better place for our kids.




throughout the year, especially in the spring and summer, groups (community, church, youth groups, mission projects, men's groups, etc.) come to Our Home for a variety of work projects such as: maintenance, construction/renovation, yard maintenance, cleaning, etc. These groups save the Home literally thousands of dollars in labor cost. Some of our most recent major projects have included a total renovation on a home transforming it into 2nd Treasures, our thrift store, as well as renovation on one of our cottages. If you're handy with a hammer, or any other tool, we would love to have your help at Our Home!

2nd Treasures Thrift store AND Storehouse

Members of the community often bring donations of clothes, books, toys, etc. to Our Home.  We also receive donations from some local businesses from time to time.  These donations either go to our storehouse or 2nd Treasures, our thrift store.  Our storehouse contains clothing, shoes, jewelry, makeup, toys, bags/purses, and household items. Each month our residents visit the storehouse to choose items for themselves.  House parents are also able to get household items needed for the cottage. When Donations are received, they must be sorted into items for the storehouse (things the residents can (or will) use), and items that we cannot use on campus.   The items we cannot use become merchandise in our thrift store.  Sorting through donations, preparing items to be sold, and stocking items in the thrift store can be a daunting task.  We have a few consistent volunteers that help, but we could use all the hands we can get!  If you love a good thrift store or have a knack for organization, then we have a spot for you.


You can contact our volunteer coordinator to find out more information or to set up a volunteer opportunity.

Libby Richardson, Volunteer Coordinator/Community Liaison         704 788-1164 ext. 405

Dale Cannon, Visiting resource Coordinator                               704 788-1164 ext. 411