Sammy and Wanda Allen came to the Children’s Home via Aberdeen, SD. They have been working at the home since September 2018. Originally from the Raleigh NC area they have been married for almost 37 years. They met at their home church in Raleigh when they were teenagers. Together they have pastored for over 25 years in NC, ND, SD and TN. Sammy and Wanda have two adult children and one grandson, Despin.  Kristina is married to Brian (Aberdeen, SD) and Justin is married to Leann (High Point, NC). Sammy and Wanda love to work with children and pray that somehow they can make a difference in their lives.


Anthony and Leslie Frye are natives of North Dakota. After being raised in the church by their mothers, they married 11 years ago. When God called them into the ministry to serve as houseparents for the Church of God Children's Home in Concord, they were ready to go! In their cottage, they work with teen moms and their babies. Their desire is to make a difference in these mom's lives during their time living on campus. They enjoy being a part of both their physical and spiritual growth. Through their lives, they try to model how to live as Christians, even when you get down. Jesus still loves you and like the Apostle Paul writes, you keep running the race to the end of your life and receive the prize in heaven. God be glory forever and ever. Amen